Our Mission: To be the best partner our clients have ever had

About Us


Our Goal

Our mission says it all. We want to be the best partner our clients have ever had. That means we work on your terms, provide candid and fact-based guidance, and support your success at all times. We want you to think of us as the best decision you ever made.


More than Just X

"X" (experiences) are the focus of a lot of marketing materials. We know that experiences are very important, but so are some other difficult goals, such as profitability, cultural viability, professional responsibility, sense of community, and market distinction. Client objectives drive our process. What our client seeks to accomplish determines how we work. It is often more than just superior experiences. Our process is created from the back to the front, meaning we explore how final recommendations will be used, then use that to govern reporting and education, analysis, methodologies, timelines and budgets. We solve problems with fact-driven advice, and remove speculation from the decision making process. Our approach requires us to be very flexible in our planning, and fully accountable to our clients' needs. 


Why Us?

Our clients come first. Big or small, our clients are our livelihood, and their success is our passion. We are built on results, not marketing materials or a business development team. We get the job done right, on time, in budget, and we guarantee the results.

We offer an exclusive focus on the special requirements of associations. Our senior leaders have provided research-based consulting and strategic planning for some of the most influential professional associations in the world.  Our professional association experience spans across hospitality, manufacturing, education, technology, transportation, energy, medical services, and finance. We only thrive because our clients thrive. 

Association Insights was founded in 2001 by Bill Voegeli, after 20 years of executive leadership and consulting. His concentration is on client success.